What we do

At Winchcast Productions, we provide a range of services to help you produce an amazing series of podcasts. We have three service levels, depending on your podcast needs. Service level 1 will ensure that your vision becomes a reality, from the creative up front, branding, naming, logo design, music production, top and tailing, intros and outros, etc right through to the distribution. Maybe you have all of the factors included within Level 1 well and truly covered. In which case, opt for Level 2 which supports your filming/recording, editing and production needs, whilst Level 3 will make sure that your already-recorded content is edited and produced to a professional standard. Distribution can be added to all service levels.

Our Services

Service Level 1

Client consultation

Branding of Podcast

Design of Podcast Logo

Sourcing spokespeople/interviewees

Promoting to platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon etc

Plus service levels 2 and level 3

Service Level 2

Provision of equipment, on-site at clients’ location, including microphones, soundbooth, headphones, cameras for filming etc

Recommendation for studio-hire (if required)

Recording podcast

Retrieve audio and video file

Plus service level 3 below

Service Level 3

Professional editing and production of video and/or audio file, provided by client

Addition of music, sound-overs, background sounds, top and tail with intro and outro